What a skeptic truly believes

6 01 2011

“One who claims to be a skeptic of one set of beliefs is actually a true believer in another set of beliefs.”
– Phillip E. Johnson (American law professor, 1940-)


When truth fails to persuade

6 01 2011

“Every failure of truth to persuade reflects the weakness of its advocates.”
– Aristotle (Greek philosopher, 384 BC – 322 BC)

I just don’t understand you.

29 05 2010

“I just don’t understand you. How can anyone with your education, who reads as much as you, believe the things you believe? How can you possibly believe in God, a kindly grand-father-in-the-sky, when you see the suffering in the world caused by AIDS and tsunamis and famines and wars? You understand a lot about modern science—how can you deny evolution and believe there is anything more to the real you than your body and your brain? You must know that miracles—violations of the laws of nature—are impossible. How can you believe that spooky things like angels and demons are real? And your claims to know absolute truth—don’t let me get started! Given everything we know about all the different religions and cultures in the world, how can you be so arrogant to believe that any one religion or morality is true and not merely a useful, culturally constructed fiction?”
— J. P. Moreland (American Christian philosopher, theologian and apologist, 1948-)